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srijeda, 30. siječnja 2013.

Neobux Direct Referrals - Guaranteed Ways to Get Neobux Referrals

Getting Neobux direct referrals is crucial if you want to make big money in Neobux. Unlike rented referrals, you don't have to pay to keep direct referrals, which is what makes them so valuable. Rented referrals will make you money, but in the beginning it is really slow, so having a bunch of direct referrals under you makes a big difference.
Many Neobux users don't get direct referrals and only focus on rented referrals. This is a mistake because you are only using half of Neobux's true potential. People think that getting Neobux direct referrals costs a lot of money, but in reality, there are many ways to get referrals cheaply, or even free. In this article we will point out ways to get free neobux referrals


                Get Free Referrals for Neobux

You need to join traffic exchanges and promote your sites. As the name implies, it is a way to exchange traffic with others who want their website exposed to the community. A typical traffic exchange offers you credits for viewing websites, and you use credits to gain views on your website. If the surf to view ratio is 1:1, then 1 view equals 1 credit, and 1 credit will get you 1 visitor on your site.
Traffic exchanges work because only those who are interested in Neobux will sign up, and when they do, they are motivated to click because they want to. You expose your referral links to the entire community, and will only capture the attention of those who are interested, just like you would only click on sites you are interested in.
There are countless traffic exchanges on the web, some good, most of them are crap. So deciding which ones to join can be a pain for many people. We've tried many traffic exchanges and many of them didn't make the cut. We will give you our top list below

TrafficG is a simple traffic exchange with a 1:1 surf ratio and they reward you with 10% of the credits that your referrals surf. The best thing about this program is that they let you contact your first level referrals directly, so you can train them to succeed.

EasyHits4U is one of the biggest traffic exchanges around, with a user base with over 450,000 members. This is one site you can't ignore if you want to get a lot of referrals. Their system is easy to use and they have tons of tools for you to promote your websites. You can even earn a little bit of cash from EasyHits4U, so give it a try.


We picked this traffic exchange because it delivers solid results. In addition to their easy to use layout, their staff is always friendly and willing to help you.


All you have to do is regsiter on their website and start surfing to get credits, and use those credits to promote your referral links. But of course, this process has to be done correctly, otherwise you will waste your credits and your time.
By the way, in the Neobux Ultimate Strategy, we will show you how to use EasyHits4U and other traffic exchanges effectively so you can get referrals for Neobux without breaking a sweat. The link is at the end of this newsletter, so keep reading below


                           Buy Referrals for Neobux

If you are lazy like many people are, you don't want to do a lot of work to get referrals. Doing it the free ways mentioned above has one advantage - it's free. However, it will take a lot of time and effort to do it the free way. If you have some money to spend you can buy Neobux referrals through advertising.

To use them effectively... Traffic exchanges are good for getting traffic to your website. But the best way to use traffic exchanges is to use them to build a list. Once someone has subscribed to your mailing list, then you can promote as many offers as you want as many times as you want.

If you use traffic exchanges to promote only Neobux, for example, you will not get good results. Firstly, if they are already in Neobux, then they will not be interested, and you've lost them. Secondly, you only have 10 to 15 seconds to get someone's attention in traffic exchanges. Most likely they will not register on the spot, and skip over the site.

So what you need to do is build a list and increase your following. The list will be exclusively yours and you can promote anything you want at anytime. Your emails will be sent directly to your subscriber's inbox, where you will have their full attention.
In the Neobux Ultimate Strategy, we show you all the sites that we use for advertising - to get referrals. Advertising PTC's are easy compared to Neobux. Because it's so famous, it is hard to get Neobux referrals.


                   Use Downline Builders

Downline builders are programs designed so that like-minded people can meet and build each other's teams. Usually, it is an exchange of services of equal value. "You join my site and I join your site." This is perfect for those who join lots of PTC's. If you're going to join, you might as well get something out of it.

DownlineRefs is a downline builder specifcally made for bux sites. It is completely free to join and upgrades are optional. They have a large user base, which means more potential referrals for you!

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